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Youtube API-Quota, FirstSpirit Cloud, CaaS


we use FirstSpirit in Cloud with CaaS,
one Master and 30 country projects.
Corporate Content Transport nightly and writing into CaaS per project each night.
We use the Youtube-DAP-Integration.
We dont use many youtube videos, ..
the API should only be used for catalog view, so that editors can choose a video from list, which comes from API call.
With that in mind, the API Calls we can see in Youtube Backoffice should be negligible,
but we see thousands of API calls herefor.
Last weeks , we renewed a part of website and so we needed Corporate Content Transport and CaaS Writes serveral times within day to controll/check results, and not wait over night.
in that time we crashed into Youtube API Quota of 10k, "normal baseline" is 5k.
Finaly , when Quota is reached some projects, country websites can not show youtube video, because in CaaS is no valid data available.. null and 403 quota reached... 
So we learned that this CrownPeak FirstSpirit Youtube Plugin is not usefull in this scenario, because of creating so much overhead, so much not needed API calls... 
Better solution would/could be:
Requesting Youtube List every hour and save YoutubeIDs and titles, descriptions in CMS would be enough, and then editors and CorporateContentTransport and CaaS Writes would request from in CMS saved/cached youtube data..
so we would create 24 youtube api requests a day and not thounsands...

Ask Youtube/Google to increase the youtube api quota limit.. could be a other way to go.. but inteligent coding, saving resources should be way number one.

Does anyone has similar experience with this youtube api plugin?

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