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Webforms not working

The forms are working but when we try to add an email into the form actions, it breaks the form. The user can't access the next page and our team isn't notified there has been a formfil. The integration is Webforms V6.5.6

Has anybody else had this issue and has anybody got a work-around?

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Hi Berry,

no I haven't found a similar issue even we use webforms 6.5.6 as well in one of our projects.
The description sounds lice something of a validation error when its not even possible to access the next page on a multi page form. In this case the form haven't been submitted to be processed. If you mean the real form submit and the success page with "next page" you may have a look into the HTML of the displayed error message. Sometimes there is a hint in form of a HTML comment.

But to be honest the error description is quiet small so that It probably will not be possible to get any meaningful answers.
My suggestion would be: Contact the official support either at if you licenced webforms over Crownpeak or if you licenced Webforms directly from Fromcentric.


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