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Visibility of Toolbar Icon fails


We would like to create a GroupingToolbarItem in the Toolbar, which should be visible if the Page has been created with the pageTemplate "xyz" or in the context of a Section, which has been created with section template "section_xyz". So, I have the written the logic associated to it in the isVisible() overriden method.

Strangely, Though the isVisible() method returns true, the toolbar is not visible.

The class associated to it can be found in the attachment.

Current First spirit version: Server version:

Could you let us know, what the problem is about?

Thanks in advance,

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I'm new here

Hi Ronny,

This could be an issue with repainting or toolbar construction. I'd recommend making the item always visible and enable/disable it depending on the context. Please, check the log files for any difficulties being reported, too (might require setting a higher log level).



Hello Ronny,   

do you need further help or did Stefan's reply already help you? If so, it would be great if you marked

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