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Upload PDF?

This might sound like a silly question but how do you upload PDFs, XLSs, DOCs and other document based files from within FirstSpirit 4.1?

We are currently uploading to the FTP server and taking the URL and making this a link from within the editor area.


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Crownpeak employee

Hello Michael,

just drag & drop the files from the filesystem in a folder of the mediastore of the appropriate project.

Then use an internal link to create a link to the appropriate file. [you have to configure the link template, so that the mediastore is a valid option for the link target]

The file will automatically be created during the generation of the page with the link and afterwards it will be published.

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Hi Holger,

Sorry, I should have said that our Media folder upload facility has been disabled by our IT support so I wondered if there was another work around?

Uploading directly to FTP is ok but not an ideal solution.


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The ideal solution would be to allow upload to the media store. The question is why uploads are not allowed for your project.