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Update from 5.2 R1907-190710 (STABLE) to 2022.9

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to upgrade FS version. I've downloaded the fs-update-3.0.1.tar.gz file and I've copied the folders in the current First Spirit installation folder. 

However, when I try to start the Server I get this error: 

The License Key does not authorize the use of this version of the Wrapper.
Upgrade term is 2008-06-11 to 2020-06-11. This version's release date is 2021-01-04.

Any idea? Am I doing it wrong? 

Thanks a lot!

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Crownpeak employee

Hello javier_fernande,

my guess is this: The server is still operated in legacy mode (<FirstSpiritROOT>/bin/fs5.mode file exists and has the content "legacy") and the server is still started with the "fs5" start script (instead of the up-to-date "fs-server" start script).
With FirstSpirit 2022.9 the legacy mode is not supported any more, so when updating via the fs-update-3.0.1.tar.gz the old configurations were not removed.
Use fs-server start script
Ideally, extract the conf/fs-wrapper.isolated.conf from the fs-install-3.0.1.tar.gz beforehand and adjust the memory parameters in it according to the current configuration (conf/fs-wrapper.conf).
Make sure that the Java version used there is 11 (or 17) (with the old configuration it is not unlikely that Java 8 was still used, which is also no longer supported).

Best regards

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