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URLs in fs-search

We are using the FS-SEARCH module with the spider engine, to index all documents on the webpage.

At the moment, our start url for the spider engine contains an ip address.

This leads to the problem, that the links in the search results page will also contain the ip-address instead of producing links without any hostname.

Even if we would change our configuration xml file, so that the spider engine directly accesses the page via hostname instead of ip address,

we have the problem, that our web portal is accessible via different hostnames. So the search results would always point to pages of one and the

same hostname.

Are there any possibilites, that the spider engine is able to forget about the hostname, to create hostname-independent result links?

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Crownpeak employee

Since the search output is done by a jsp page - why do you not just rename the url withon the output.

For example:

<a href="<%=  url.replaceAll("","")%>"><%  String shortUrl; if (url.length() > 100) shortUrl = url.substring(0,  66) + "..."; else  shortUrl = url; %><%= shortUrl.replaceAll("","")  %></a><br />

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Since we use a clear state-of-the-art architecture, with a well defined MVC encapsulation,

we avoid using scriptlets within a .jsp page.

Logic should be done in the controller layer. So one possible solution would be deriving the search engine servlet and doing the logic there.

It would be nice, if there is a much more convenient approach.

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Ignore this posting, I was too late.

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