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SiteStoreRef not working for all internal link after update to FS5.1

Hi Guys,

Where trying to update FS from 4.2 to 5.1. Our IT guys copied everything from the old version to the new version.

So far so good, most things are working fine but not for the internal links.

All internallink links are producing an error: "ERROR ($CMS_REF(st_intern.sitestoreref)$ at 9, 14): invalid target type for $CMS_REF()$: null"

Does this problem sounds familiar to one of you guys?

Cheers, Mark

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Hi Mark,

is this the entire message you get or is there a Stracktrace for the error? If yes, may I ask you to post it here?

Further more may I ask you to describe how your internal links look like in detail? Did you convert them to generic links?

Best regards


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I'm new here

Hello Mark,

were you able to solve your problem on your own or did Michaels answer helped you? If so please post the correct solution or mark the appropriate answer als correct.

Best regards


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