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SiteArchitect content tree sorting / SiteArchitect Inhalt Baum Sortierung


I have a question regarding the ordering of folders in the content (green) tree.

Our editors asked us how to manually reorder directories in the content tree, so I started trying and reading documentation, but I was not successful.

I did not find any mentioning of it in any documentation. There were only instructions for the structure (blue) tree.

Since our project is already kind of big, the editors get lost in the multiple folders when they are arranged randomly.

I tried drag and drop, but this only works for moving folders into other folders apparently.

I also couldn't see a pattern. It's not sorted by display names, nor by created date or something else I could see.

Maybe it's done by reference name, but this would be impracticable for our editors, since these are technical names for us (developers).

Hopefully someone can give me a hint.

Thanks in advance,Marco

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I'm new here

As far as I know it is not possible to sort the content structure arbitrarily. Smiley Sad
You could suggest to use the page structure to get to the desired page and from there redirect to the content page.

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Hi Marco,

my answer comes a bit late but maybe you still need it:

The folders in the pagestore are sorted by reference-name (alphabetically).

Just right-click on the folder - Extras - Change reference name.

Make sure, that the folder isn't referenced anywhere or you might lose the references.

Best regards