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Save editor name in table entry

Our editors create news in a data template. They want to see the name of the creator in an own column. How can I store the name of the editor during entry creation?

I tried with default value "#row.getEditor().realname" but did not work.


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I'm new here

Hello Karsten,

I think you can do it by using Rules and a ValueService. In the ValueService you can require the UserAgent to get the current user. The value returned by the ValueService can be stored in a form field.


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could you provide a code example?

thanks a lot

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It is realy easy if you are famillar with FirstSpirit development and have some basic programming skills.

  1. Create a FirstSpirit module project
  2. Create a service class that implements the ValueService interface
  3. In the getValue methode of the service just return the name of the user
    return broker.requestSpecialist(UserAgent.TYPE).getUser().getName();
  4. Build the module and install it on your FirstSpirit server
  5. In the last step you have to modify the rule, for information how to do that please look in the odfs

I hope this is helpful and will solve your problem.




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