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SAP iView-integration in FirstSpirit clients

Dear Community,

is there a method available within the FirstSpirit editing system to directly integrate SAP Portal iViews in FirstSpirit pages.
Important: the iView should be integrated within an existing FirstSpirit page in a separate section directly in the FirstSpirit clients (Java-/WebClient). It's clear, that previewing that iView might not be possible (maybe just a placeholder appears). Enclosed a screenshot of the iView that should be integrated.


Up to now, we just know about the possibility to integrate a SAP Portal iViews via "external adress (URL)", see screenshot enclosed:iview_integration.png

Do we need to implement a new section template to fulfill that request?

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Dear Mr. King.

please refer to chapter 3.3.3 of the FirstSpirit Portal SAP EP BP documentation which you can find in the online documentation. If I understand your question correctly, that chapter should provide further information on how to implement the functionality.

Best regards,

Daniel Leinich

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