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SAP Netweaver DetailedNavigation shows clickable arrows, although no child nodes are available

Dear FirstSpirit SAP Netweaver team,

currently, we observe misplaced navigation arrows within the detailed navigation in SAP Netweaver portal, where FirstSpirit content is integrated

The reason: on the corresponding nodes, no child navigation nodes are available. So, an arrow does not make sense.

Enclosed the screenshot, where you can see the arrow.


Might it be possible to remove the arrows by SAP Netweaver configuration? Is there another solution provided? Or do we need a change within the portal respectively the HLP business package behavior?

Thanx, for answering the upper questions.

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Hello Holger,

is this still an open question or have you already found a solution by yourself? If so, it would be very kind, if you posted it here.

I'm afraid that it is a portal- and not a FS-question, so Netweaver-Knowhow is needed to answer this question.

Best regards


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