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Revisions: getHistory() and "repositoryManager"

Dear FirstSpirit community,

we just wonder, when the public APIs:

might not be sufficient for retrieving the version history of a FirstSpirit node. Up to now, you can either get the complete history or just a date specific one.

Within the version history dialog box of the JavaClient, for the initialization of the JTable content the above method might not be used. Why? Maybe because of the need of a generic date-independent solution where just a certain amount of revisions has to retrieved?

Is it done here, to explicitly get the exact amount of revisions that are configured for displaying in the version history (default: 15) and because the above "getHistory()"-API methods do not offer this functionality? Or is it just due to performance optimizations?

What about the FirstSpirit solution used here in the version history dialog? Is it done via the FirstSpirit core RepositoryManager and an iteration of BerkeleyDB files directly? Might it not be useful to offer that functionality in the public ACCESS API?

Maybe you can explain on top, why this function is not publicly accessible. Might be interesting to know.

Thanx for your reply.

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I'm new here

Re: Revisions: getHistory() and "repositoryManager"

Dear community,

there is a difference between the collected results of FirstSpirit JavaClient and the "getHistory()" ACCESS-API call. Details might be found here:

FirstSpirit ACCESS API getHistory() retrieves non-expected results

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