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Retrieving the value of CMS_SET in Java


I have a workflow that publish a xml file done in  java by a schedule entry.

Is it possible to get the value which is filled in CMS_SET by using these contexts (WorkflowScriptContext GuiWorkflowScriptContext) ?

So that I can use these data in Java for an other external application.



    $CMS_REF(berichtserie.afbeelding,abs:1 res:"ORIGINAL")$


    $CMS_VALUE(afbeelding.toString.convert2("Unicode to FOP entities"))$


Server-version: 4.2.489

Thanks !

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Extend your tag to use the body of the tag, see Or use an attribute, which is a bit simpler.

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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your idea. Firstly, we use a separate content server (Tomcat).
So all pages including xml are published over there.

I know a little bit of TLD's and I think I must declare them in the Tomcat web.xml to be useful.

This is the only way I can query the XML file in Java and can retrieve those attributes (XML) in FS.

service.getStore(, false);
page = (PageRef) siteStore.getStoreElement(find, UidType.SITESTORE_LEAF);

This would hurt the performance by going throw this xml file, don't you think? Over time this file is

growing bigger and bigger.

I had previously thought of storing that information in a global variable in the Global Store.

But I do not know how I can reach it via the WorkflowScriptContext context in Java.


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Sorry, I don't know enough about your use-case to suggest a good approach.

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I'm new here

Hello Vincent,

do you need further help or could you solve your problem by yourself? If so, it would be very kind of you, if you posted your solution here.

If you still need support you should maybe provide more information about your use case as Christoph has already suggested.

Best regards


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Hi Tim,

I was more wondering if it is possible.

As I stated above, I was intrested in the preview url, for a external App.

The above produces the following XML document:


   </cis: series-image-url>

This XML is automatically updated with each record added in the data source.

By using a workflow on every record, I had hoped to retrieve this information in Java that was put in "afbeelding" after the record was saved.

Maybe when we move to FS 5 we can solve it differently.


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