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Restricting possible length of menu name

The CMS editors maintain page titles with the ContentCreator. As such they push "Edit Navigation" and are able to change any menus name in the according language.

Now what I need is a field length restriction as it is given in every input component.

I couldn't find anything about it in the community or in the docs.

I wonder why the "properties" components are still so hard to handle and why they are still there at all.

Why is there no restriction system at all for anything related to content within structure?

What's the advised practise of e-Spirit in terms of editorial maintenance?

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Crownpeak employee

Hello Tibor,

I fiddled around a bit with the things you mentioned and I also think, that there should be some restriction system in place

But I don't believe that this should be a problem in a production environment, as every release/change should be reviewed by a chief editor (4-eyes principle).
Anyway, I'll report this issue to our core development team.

Best regards

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The internal id of this issue is 203941. You can contact our Technical Support for more information.

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