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Queries regarding isolated mode migration

Hi Team,

While migration from legacy to isolated mode i am having few questions :

1.All dependency that we have added in pom.xml ,do we need to add all that same resources in module-isolated.xml under <resources> with mode=isolated?

2.Any relevance of external dependency what if after adding all resources in module-isolated.xml still getting 1000 eternal dependency? can we avoid this if our module is getting successfully build.

3.What is solution for dependency on espirit internal classes (NON_API_USAGE),in my module i am having total 8 file dependent what we need to do here to make it zero. Please find reference screenshot


internal class dependencyinternal class dependency


Please help me to solve all above question.

Thankyou in advance!!



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Crownpeak employee

  1. Yes, you need to add all previous dependencies with the mode="isolated" attribute. Further dependencies may be required if you implicitly used libraries that were shipped with the fs-access.jar but are no longer available due to the isolation.
  2. The list of external dependencies has mere informational purpose. It is most likely that these never drop to 0, especially when using frameworks like Spring Boot.
  3. The solution for using Non-API-Code highly depends on your code. If you find a required use case that can not be modeled by using the available API, please open a support ticket with an exact description of what you are trying to achieve.
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