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Preview not updated when crop the image for resolutions

Dear All,

We are checking the image height and width for the specific resolution in the section template and showing the 'div' if the image is not cropped for that resolution.


Initially the image is not cropped for that resolution, so we are getting image height and width as -1 and we are displaying the warning 'div' (as expected).

Later, we crop the image for that specific resolution and check the preview the changes are not updated, still we are getting the same page with warning 'div'.

if we do the force preview (Shift + Preview), the changes are reflected. We got the proper height and width, so the warning 'div' removed. or If we make any changes in the section form, the changes are reflected in normal preview.

Is this possible to get the changes in normal preview , without shift+ preview.

we had a same problem in webedit. it is reflected only when we rel

Thank you!

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Hi Kavin,

if you are working in the ContentCreator maybe you can force the refresh of the warning div with the editorId() function. (But I am not absolutely sure...)

See: FirstSpirit V5.2 Online Documentation - editorId(...)

reloadElement: This parameter is only relevant for display in ContentCreator.

By default, the element with the indicated “editorId” is reloaded after having edited a page. You can use “reloadElement” to pass the ID of an HTML element that is to be loaded after having edited the page.

The ID of the desired HTML element can be passed as follows:


where container is the identifier of the element that can be defined with <div id="container">.

If the parameter “reloadElement” is defined, “reloadPreview” (see above) has no effect.



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Hi Kavin,

it seems that Sandro's hints may solve your problem, but usually, you can report such behaviours as a bug suspicion, because it seems to be a caching bug. So I would kindly ask you to report this to our technical support, because I wasn't able to find a ticket for this already.



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