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Preview mode – broken download actions/requests for Firefox integrated engine


My environment:

FirstSpirit Client 4.2.437.44763

Server version: 4.2.437.44763

Java version: 1.6.0_21 32bit Sun Microsystems Inc.

Operating system: Windows 7 6.1 x86

The problem I want to report is related to the integrated preview mode in FS client when using the Mozilla Firefox browser engine.

Whenever I open a web page which contains a download link (XLS,zip, txt, PDF, DOC, …), it is impossible to download the resources file from preview mode working with Firefox integrated engine.

Here are few useful tests scenarios which might help you understanding/locating the issue:

  1. If you open in the preview mode the “”page and search for something like “download xls file sample” you will get a list of results, where some of them represent directly download links. For example: "”  or “” or “” (I just gave more samples to point out this is not a web-server issue and this is a FS-integrated-preview-engine issue).   If you try to open any of these links (which trigger a download file action) you’ll realize the download action doesn’t work (it doesn’t start).
  2. If you create a FS script (FS client ->Template store -> Scripts) which directly opens an URL that represents an XLS file link and you execute the script (preview mode - firefox) then FS shows the integrated-engine-download-window and if you press “Save” the download starts and successfully saves the file on the local machine.

        Here is a basic script that I use:




browserConfig =BrowserApplicationConfiguration.GENERATOR.invoke().title("DownloadTest");

br = context.connection.getService(ApplicationService.class).openApplication(BrowserApplication.TYPE,browserConfig).getApplication();


Of course, in our application users should be able to navigateto the appropriate web page and download the file they need (case nr. 1).

After doing some debug, I observed the HTTP Response stream is handled before download action starts.

When doing the same test scenarios with IE browser-engine,everything works fine (from the above scenarios perspective); but, after navigating to a web page and downloading (save or open) the resources (XLS file) the page (where the download started) remains blocked and users cannot navigate to any other page after the download is done.

As the download actions are often required in our application we would definitely need to have available and working the download functionality (through the FS preview mode).

Please let me have your solution / suggestion in order to fix these problems.



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Community Manager

Are you refering to the integrated preview or a BrowserApplication (AppCenter) or both? Your example scripts indicate that you're working with the integrated browsers within the AppCenter context, but you mention the preview mode several times as well.

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integrated browsers within the AppCenter context

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Crownpeak employee

This bug is already fixed in 4.2.439.

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Great. This fix probably came after I reported the bug on the helpdesk site. Thanks

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