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Positioning the popup when opening the database tabel in FS_List


I try to use FS_LIST  instead of  CMS_INPUT_CONTENTAREALIST. It works fine but with one small exception.

When adding an existing  item, I get to see a duplicate table name (is the same table) and that comes on unexpected places on my screen to see.

What is going wrong here?


<FS_LIST name="db_community" allowEmpty="no" rows="5">

    <DATASOURCE type="database" useLanguages="no">


        <LABEL lang="*"></LABEL>



        <ACTION name="ADD">

          <PARAM name="add-index">LAST</PARAM>

          <PARAM name="select-ui">LIST</PARAM>


        <ACTION name="UP"/>

        <ACTION name="DOWN"/>

        <ACTION name="NEW">

          <PARAM name="create-index">LAST</PARAM>


        <ACTION name="REMOVE">

          <PARAM name="show-confirm">YES</PARAM>


        <ACTION name="EDIT"/>



        <COLUMN show="no">#identifier</COLUMN>



        <ADD component="toolbar" constraint="top"/>

        <ADD component="overview" constraint="center"/>

        <ADD component="stackedview" constraint="bottom"/>





      <LANGINFO lang="*" label="Communities"/>



Thanks in advance

Server-versie: 4.2.489.57060

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Crownpeak employee

Hi Vincent,

can you please explain in detail what you're doing before the popup appears?

Best regards


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Hoi Donatro,

Thanks for your comment.

I'm not doing anything special then just clicking on the very first button (Add).

Maybe it's the server version and the Java version 6.fslist_2.jpg

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Hello Vincent,

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly. You add a new database entry and something with the pop-up goes wrong? Please add a new screenshot in a better solution and describe what you are expecting to see.

Best regards,


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ok, u r meaning the popup is located a little bit far away from your mousclick location  of the add i correct? what OS/JAva Version are using?  does this happen always or only sometimes? and no you could not manipulate the location. java6 should be ok, which java6 in detail?

what about using   <PARAM name="select-ui">DIALOG</PARAM>  instead?



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I'm new here

Hi everybody,

I am very thankful to your clues.

But I can no longer reproduce this problem.

We have done an upgrade of our FS server

from Server version: 4.2.489.57060 to server version: 4.2.499.59728.

But we have also changed the reference to a template.

<DATA SOURCE type = "inline" maxEntries = "5" useLanguages ​​= "no">

And the section template is making the conection to the DB table like this

<CMS_INCLUDE_CONTENT type = "entries" table = "CIS.communities_3">

Thank you all !!

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