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Open Service Failed

Hello Community!

First of all: It a Win2:smileyminus::smileyminus:8-server.

I have to set up a new server for FirstSpirit and I was "successful", so far... Smiley Wink

Now I have the problem that I can't restart the FirstSpirit-service with the given functions. I get the following error:

"wrapper  | OpenService failed - Zugriff verweigert (0x5)".

If I want so restart the FS-server, I have to open the services panel and restart it there with the "MS-function".

Do you have any idea what I can do, so that the FS-given functions will be able to restart the server?

Thx in advance.

Have a nice weekend! Smiley Happy

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Sounds like your account doesn't have the necessary rights to start a service. Try executing the "FS-given functions" with a right click -> run as administrator

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