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No target selected

We are getting no target selected error at $CMS_IF(entry.st_gallery.get != null)$


Please help.

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Seems like there's nothing selected in your reference editor. Usually the no target selected error is thrown inside $CMS_REF()$ function.

Have you tried checking with $CMS_IF(!entry.st_gallery.empty)$ instead?

Then if the editor is not empty, you can proceed retrieving the selected object.

Kind regards

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HI Sranjan,

You have not selected any image in FS_REFERENCE component.





   <div class="bottom">
	<img src="$CMS_REF(st_picture,resolution:"rsImage")$">

In the above code if required use resolution else omit it.

one more point check for Image is a language dependent or not.If yes then check for page language all the pages image is selected properly. If not also we get the error.

I hope this will help you.



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