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Module service configuration

Dear e-Spirit,

we currently wonder how to influence the behavior of the following buttons "OK" & "Abbrechen" when configuring a FirstSpirit service module component within the FirstSpirit "Server and project configuration client".

This could be necessary in case, where you would offer such a dialog:


Target: to out-grey the "OK" button as long as both input password fields do not match!

Please advice, how to control the complete GUI on our own. Is there a possibility?

When there is no possibility, this might be a design failing?

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Hi Holger,

both buttons are part of the "FirstSpirit module framework" and can't be altered/hidden in any way. Clicking OK will trigger the save() method on Configuration which you have implemented for your service. Clicking cancel will just close the dialog.

Please create a feature-request for your use case. Most likely a validation hook would be suffice for your needs.

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Dear Mr Feddersen,

a feature request has been published here:

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