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Logging in SAP Portal by HLP-BP


The HLP-BP logs a lot of information as errors in the SAP Default Trace, in this form:


Is there a way to turn this off? Because they don't seem errors but just info.

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Hilco Broens

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I'm new here

Hi Hilco,

it seems you opened a ticket in the helpdesk and in parallel asked this question here in the forums.

The last status from the ticket was that the errors were issued from the call to the BP for FirstSpirit by your custom portal framework page.

What is the status of this? Have you solved the problems as you have not responded to the ticket any more?

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Stefan Brauneis

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Hi Stefan,

I am sorry for not responding, I thought I did.

We switched off caching for HLPFS and then the null pointer exception did not occur anymore. It might be a side effect but it works.

Kind regards,