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Language Dependent Fields Issue While adding More languages to the Project

Hello All,

At first, I have two langauge (DE and EN) for My project and created table (page) with the field namely synonym for these two language. E.g., synonym_DE and synonym_EN.  I have added new languages to my projects e.g., (Portuguese and Japanese).

Table Lan.JPG

I can see the tabs for each and every language but there is no coresponding column in the schema. for E.g., page table doesn't have field for Japan and Portugual.


Am I missing any configuration in the FS system configuration ??

Or I have to add the column manually for each and every langauge.

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Crownpeak employee

Yes, if you do not use "FirstSpirit-Editor" as datatype you have to extend the database structure manually when adding a new language to the project. But keep in mind that databases may have a limitation for how much data a row may contain. A text field with up to 1024 characters for each language may be beyond this limit.

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