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Need assistance on "How to include a jsp into a section template"

I have a section which displays image in preview mode and when it gets depolyed to SAP, it needs to render .jsp file created as Java applciation running in SAP.

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I'm new here

Hi Leela

you have to create a new output channel which creates jsp files.

In the server admin console you can find a menu entry "Presentation channels". You have to add the jsp channel and set the file extension to "jsp".

Afterwards you have to add a template set in the project admin console which uses the new presentation channel.

Then you have to add you jsp code in the page- and sectiontemplates.

Furthermore you have to configure your generation tasks to generate the new presentation channel. (you will be asked if you want to add the channel to all schedules automatically when creating the template set: "Is this set of templates to be generated for all of this project's schedules?")

As an alternative way you can change the file extensions in you pagetemplate. Just change the extension to jsp and add your jsp code.



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Hi Rouven,

Thanks for responding, your solution doesn't work for my requirement.

I have created a Complex SAP J2EE Application which has JSP as output. I cann't copy the jsp code into section templates or page templates

From FS side there is a static content which displays in preview/webedit mode, when it gets deployed to SAP it needs to get data from J2EE Application as jsp page.

Following is the code which I have added in the FS section template




               <%@ include file="http://devefp.sasol.com/shareprice/share_price_summary.jsp" %>



               ---static content--


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If you just want to include the results of your J2EE application, you could use the c:import tag, see http://www.tutorialspoint.com/jsp/jstl_core_import_tag.htm

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