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JavaClient account launches as @unknown


One of my team members has an issue when starting FirstSpirits JavaClient. She can log in just fine, but when starting the JavaClient, it launches an empty project, and shows her logged in as @unknown. When she launches the WebClient, she can select projects, and use it just fine with her own account.

A few OS details:

- Windows 7 (new installation)
- Java 7
- Tested in Internet Explorer 9 and FireFox

Note that all other team members have the same OS setup, and experience no problems. When I log into her account on their machines, it works fine.

Anybody an idea what the problem could be?



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Yes, the replacement of fqdn with the ip-address in the downloaded jnlp-file solved the problem!

Thank you! Smiley Happy

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Unfortunately the IP address was already present in our downloaded JNLP file. However, we can't really treat that as a proper solution, can we? Downloading the JNLP file, replacing all instances of the server name with the IP address each time and then launching the client... That doesn't sound very user friendly to me Smiley Happy

Our team member with the issues is now using a different pc each time she needs to use FirstSpirit. I know that can't be a proper solution either, but so far we haven't found a proper solution. If anybody here has any other ideas, don't hesitate to mention them.

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She could change the url she uses to open the start page of your FirstSpirit installation (using the IP instead of the FQN in the URL).

Btw: I suspect that this is not a bug in FirstSpirit but a problem in your network infrstructure or in the name resolving of the infected affected pc.

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@Dirk Hendriks:

in your case, did it work  with the IP address in the jnlp? I understood your reply to Stefan Heiking, that it didn't work for you?

Stefan Heiking is working at our customer, so him and me are talking about the same problem and "solution".

I agree that changing the Name to IP-address is no solution, but it's a strong hint, that it is probably no Firstspirit problem.

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