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Isolated mode migration- module is not reflecting in Isolated mode

Hello Team,

I am using FS 2112-12 version. We have "login module" installed on server that is also part of web application (Server property). I have converted fsm file for isolated mode and installed on server. every things are fine in legacy mode. But when i am starting server in isolated mode. we are getting ClassNotFoundException. when i checked IsolatedModulemanager folder under fs5/work directory. we dont have any reference of my "Login Module" Also login module jar is not part fs5webEdit as well as fs5preview. I am not able to understand why exactly it is not happening.


Kindly help. any help is welcomed and appreciated.



Shashi Ranjan

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Crownpeak employee

Dear Shashi,

could you please share the exact name and version of the module? How exactly did you "convert" the FSM file?

The complete stacktrace would also be very helpful.

Best Regards


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