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Is it possible to execute the template in Module

Hello All,

I want to send the email to the user. I have created format template (Email Template) in the First script Client. Now I want to send the mail in Module, So I have used JavaMail API for the email sending purpose. Is it possible to run the format template from Module and get the generated HTML content ??

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Crownpeak employee

I suggest you use a script instead of a format template. Then you set the script type to "template" and put


in the first line of the source.

Here is a complete example:


$CMS_VALUE(a) + $CMS_VALUE(a)$ = $CMS_VALUE(a + a)$

Then your code should look like this:

TemplateSet ts = ....;

Script script = ....;

Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<String, Object>();

params.put("a", 21);

String result = script.getExecutable(ts).execute(params).toString();

With the above code "result" should then contain "21 + 21 = 42".

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for your reply.

But in my case the scenario is different Peter. For example, i have to include the image from the Media store so i have to use the CMS_REF tag. So i need to execute format template and get the resultant HTML code alone. I have already checked the API but i couldn't find it. Please let me know is there any way to do this.

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I'm afraid that this is not possible. Of course you could call your format template via $CMS_RENDER in the solution sketched above, but this will not work because you cannot provide the correct context.

I suggest that you create a schedule entry where 1st) a "one page generation" task is performed and 2nd) the generated html file is sent as mail body from a script task.

You could execute this schedule entry from your script, providing parameters like receiver etc.


Thank you Peter.

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