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I created a subfolder ( xyz ) under the folder ( abc )


I created a subfolder  ( xyz ) under the folder ( abc ) under the site store. later some reason i deleated the subfolder ( xyz ) and released the parents

folder ( abc ) . now again when i am trying to create the same subfolder  ( xyz ) under the parents folder ( abc ) so its not allowing to take ( xyz ) subfolder instead of ( xyz ) its creating  (xyz_1) . and showing

Error message:

"The reference name 'xyz' has already been assigned.

The next available reference name is 'xyz_1'."

but i want the same reference xyz under the parents folder abc .

Please let me know how to achieve it


Saurabh Srivastava

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this only happens if there is still a reference to this folder. this could happen, when you delete the foulder and not release all parents (inclusive the main folder 'page content' or 'site structure' for example).

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Hello Saurabh,

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