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How to show exceptions during project component installation in GUI?

Dear Developer team,

we wonder, how to offer thrown exceptions during installation/de-installation (see ProjectApp interface methods below) in FirstSpirit "Server- and project administration" GUI:

- public void installed()

- public void uninstalling()

Due to the upper interface methods, the occurred exceptions are not being passed to upper layers and shown in the GUI.

The only thing, that could be done is creating an exception type of "java.lang.RuntimeException" that need not to be catched. But it will not be shown by the FirstSpirit framework Smiley Sad

Maybe, you know how to fulfil that?

Help is appreciated Smiley Happy

Kind regards,

Holger King

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The recommended approach is to log errors during the installation, which will be indicated in the post installation dialog with the option to view the installation logfile.

You can try to throw and catch an exception and open a swing dialog to display the error message. I haven't tested this, but it should work.

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