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How to individually edit items coming from list


I made a query and in my output channel I iterate through the list so I could display my items on the page. However, I want editors to be able to edit any item they wish to edit, but the problem is that I cant achieve that because my form is always populating the wrong data even is I do the following, put my editin tags inside my for loop:

$CMS_FOR(list, functionList)$



               output my values



You response will be appreciated


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I'm new here


you have to provide the correct database schema, the table and the id of the data in the CMS_RENDER tag.

For example:


<CMS_FUNCTION name="contentSelect" resultname="cs_press_releases">

  <CMS_PARAM name="schema" value="Products" />

                      <QUERY entityType="Press_Releases">

                <ORDERCRITERIA attribute="Date" descending="1" />



$CMS_FOR(press_release, cs_press_releases)$

$CMS_RENDER(template:"WEBeditInplaceEditBegin", content:"Products.press_releases", index:press_release.getId())$   




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