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How to get the boolean value for getFolderLangSpec() via Script BeanShell?

Hello Team,

I would like to get the value for the each folders getFolderLangSpec() visiblity and sitemap is true or false via Template Script.

Template Code:

$CMS_RENDER(script:"pagereffoldercheck",element:#global.node, languageAbbreviation:#global.language)$



How to get the value for the below line of code:

flag_Navigation_Menu = currentCrumb.getFolderLangSpec(lang).isVisible();
flag_Sitemap = currentCrumb.getFolderLangSpec(lang).getShowInSiteMap();


Thank you,


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To get the value true or false used it like below in the Script.

Due to other script errors it was not working  earlier.Now Its working.

Thank you.

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