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How to fetch all users from an external group?

Hello Everyone,

So in our project we have some groups created in Firstspirit externally these groups are managed in a separate portal outside Firstspirit.
We can only see the names of external groups in the server manager, the user list cannot be accesed.

These groups work fine on an object if these groups are added from Extras--> change permissions

However in a script we have a requirement to display the names of all the users from this external groups, how can we do so?

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Returning Observer

projectGroups = project.getGroups();  

          if( group.getName().contains("E0553-CMEA-CADHB-Editorial") ){  
             users = group.getUsers();  // I get list empty here, but if this group is added to any page/page ref the rights for the members of these group work! 

             context.logInfo("user name is : "+users[i].getLoginName());
             usernames = "test";
             usernames = usernames+users[i].getLoginName();
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Crownpeak employee

Hello Yamini,

The cause of the behavior is that an external group doesn't know its members at all. Instead, when a user logs in, the system checks which external groups he or she fits into and assigns them to him or her.
So you have to do it the other way around and ask the users to which external groups they belonged at the last login. (<user>.getExternalGroups())
ATTENTION: the data is of course more or less outdated, depending on when the user last logged into FirstSpirit and what changes have been made to the external user management (LDAP?) since then.
Alternatively, the corresponding information can also be determined in the external user management system by checking there (outside of FirstSpirit) to which users the definition of the external group applies.

Best regards

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