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Generate_pdf job is getting failed with below error

Can someone please help me here to understand the root cause of below error:

INFO  30.12.2021 19:08:41.936{g-sec=26084,g-node=26082} (de.qperior.firstspirit.glossar.GlossarReferencer): START Glossar referencing for section: 26084

INFO  30.12.2021 19:08:41.936{g-sec=26084,g-node=26082} (de.qperior.firstspirit.glossar.GlossarReferencer): Finished Glossar referencing - preparing output

ERROR 30.12.2021 19:08:41.980{g-sec=26084,g-node=26082} (de.espirit.firstspirit.generate.SiteProduction): Cannot iterate over: class de.espirit.firstspirit.parser.eval.Undefined

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Crownpeak employee

Dear Aradhana

{g-sec=26084,g-node=26082} means that the error was generated on the section with ID 26084, which is output via the page or page reference with ID 26082.

de.espirit.firstspirit.parser.eval.Undefined only means that a non-existent variable is used.

"Cannot iterate over" indicates that CMS_FOR is used to iterate over the unknown variable, e.g. $CMS_FOR(for_var,myvar)$...$CMS_END_FOR$ --> myvar is unknown.

The problem can be caused by the fact that there is a typo in the template (wrong variable name) or the variable is calculated beforehand and something goes wrong during this calculation.

Tip: Via using "display preview errors" normally the exact place where the error occurred is displayed. The stacktrace there is also clickable.

Best regards


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