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FirstSpirit integration directly in SAP PCD pages

Dear Community,

is there a way available to allow the integration of FirstSpirit generated content directly within SAP PCD pages?

Due to the fact, that pages might directly be created within the SAP Netweaver PCD structure, it might be useful to integrate generated FirstSpirit content/parts directly there: because SAP Netweaver PCD pages consist of iViews.

If it is possible, is there a way available to only integrate dedicated FirstSpirit sections within a SAP PCD page - using a special iView (provided by HLP)?

It's clear, that this way would not follow the typical integration process of FirstSpirit content into SAP Netweaver. Reason: in that case, SAP PCD pages are the leading part - not FirstSpirit.

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I'm new here

Hi Holger,

as far as I understand: You could use a SAP URL-iView to integrate content into a Portal Page. You create a URL-iView which points to the FirstSpirit-Content-Page.

Of course you need to know the exact URL of this content page.

If you want to integrate only parts of the content page into the Portal Page you need to handle this in the template of the content page. E.g. you could introduce a parameter  which you pass via the URL in the URL-iview to the content page and the template of the content page provides the logic to only show the section which you definied via the parameter.

In a similare way the Mixed Portal Page Templates are working where you could create a portal page im FirstSpirit combining content sections and iView sections in one FirstSpirit page.

Best regards,

Stefan Brauneis

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