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FirstSpirit MySQL Database

Hello everyone,

I need help so much,

I tried everything in manual (FirstSpirit Administration book) to connect mysql database and firstspirit, but I have no luck, they say in manual that we need to create .fsm module for firstspirit from files that are in .../shared/lib directory on server, but that directory is empty I also make my own files module.xml and web.xml but still I missing one file jdbc_mysql.jar (that should be in folder), also I searched online (where I downloaded installation files and documentation) for modules but no one is for database connection, and I downloaded from web some jdbc driver but no luck with it, also downloaded few version of firstspirit no file there neither. Can you help me somehow with this. Thank you.

If someone can send properly jdbc_mysql.jar driver and some instruction how to do this I would be very grateful.

I using FirstSpirit 5.2.1306

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I'm new here

Hi @all

in the mean time, the problem was solved by our technical support. Since we don't (/are not allowed to) distribute the needed module, here's a cool small project that can be used to create modules for different db connectors:

GitHub - zaplatynski/fsm-library-creator: The FSM Library Creator can be used to provide Library-FSM...



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