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FirstSpirit FS 4.2 R4 437

Dear Community,

currently, we wonder whether the just released FirstSpirit build FS 4.2 R4 437:

- is an official, quality-assured build?

- allows a back-switch via inplace-update from FS 4.2 R4 437 to FS 4.2 R4 435 is easily possible?

- offers a release documentation that includes?

Which is is the last official build, before FS 4.2 R4 437? This helps as understand the release notes and the documented change log there.

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Crownpeak employee


regarding your questions I can say that:

  • 4.2.437 is an official, qa build
  • the release notes (and therefore changelog information between 4.2.432 and 4.2.437) are included (please see your provided download link in case)
  • there should be no problem when switching back to 4.2.435

However as 4.2.435 is a non qa build I can not guarantee a working back-switch. The last qa release before b437 was b432 so it would be definitely safe to roll back to that version anyway.



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