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FirstSpirit - ACL-DB and its content

Dear e-Spirit community,

we wonder whether there is a possibility, to allow the integration of editing permission rights into the FirstSpirit generation ACL-DB? Up to now, FirstSpirit offers the generation of an ACL-DB within a generation action of a scheduler entry (details see screenshot enclosed).

Our questions:
- is it possible to allow the integration of permissions not directly set within the "CMS_INPUT_PERMISSION" FirstSpirit input component but also the permissions set directly via "Extras" -> "Change persmissions"?

According to chapter 1.1 of the FirstSpirit Security Documentation, there are only the following informations included:

- complete path to the object

- CRC32 checksum

- date of the last change of the object

- date of the last update of stored data for an object

- unique identifier of an object

- FirstSpirit ID of the object

- access control information provided within the CMS_INPUT_PERMISSION FirstSpirit input component

Missing are the informations that might be stored directly within the FirstSpirit client via "Extras" -> "Change permissions".

This might be useful, to include FirstSpirit editing rights directly in that ACL-DB resource.


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Hi Holger,

there's no way to include the standard FirstSpirit permissions into the ACL-DB. Please create a feature-request if you're interested in that kind of feature. Your use-case would be interesting as well. Maybe there's another way to implement this.



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