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FirstSpirit 5 and IPv6 in combination with JRE/JDK 7

Dear FirstSpirit Community,

starting with FS 5.0, the JRE/JDK 7 is supported. Details might be found here:

Is FirstSpirit 5.0 ready for Java 7?

But, what about the integration of the IPv6 stack? Starting with JDK 7.0 for Windows platforms, Oracle offered an IPv6 enabled API using the initially integrated IPv6 functionalities in Windows Vista.

Whether there is an IPv6 enable API availabe for JDK 7.0 on Sun Solaris is unclear. Do you know more here?

The big questions are:

- does FirstSpirit support IPv6 adresses and networks?

- is a JDK available that enables IPv6 on Sun Solaris?

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Crownpeak Employee

IPv6 adresses/networks are not officially supportet in FirstSpirit 5.0 at the moment.

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