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Fehler in der Abfrage: Error code: 0, State 08S01

This error code is shown sometimes, while working with Data Sources. The one solution to this problem is to log off FirstSpirit and then log in again.

Is there any information about what can be the cause of this error? Or can someone give information?

Thank you in advance.



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Crownpeak employee

This could be an issue with the MySQL connection pool settings. But normally this should also be resolvable by "refresh-ing" the data source. To fix the issue you should check (or let check) the server configuration of the data source.

Even if this is the most frequent cause, the message could also indicate other problems. The state code alone is not sufficient to judge from because it's a very generic error code (communication link failure).

I'm new here

It may help to add the autoReconnect=true Parameter to your db connection string.