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Feature per API auf Filesystem Storage

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Hallo zusammen,

wie erstellt man per API (access/dev) ein Feature im Filesystem Storage?

Vielen Dank schonmal für Eure Antworten.

Viele Grüße


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Hi Adrian,

yes, finally I could test it and your hints are very useful.

Thank you very much!



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Crownpeak employee

Hi Adrian,

just for clarification:

The ManagerBroker is no official API which means your implementation could stop working with any (also minor or release) upgrades without prior notice.


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I'm new here

Hi Michael,

This is indeed the risk when you implement using non official API and this method should be regarded only as a quickfix until the official API will support saving features in global storages. Methods from the official API can also get deprecated and deleted in future versions but at least you get a heads-up.

There might be workarounds for this issue using only official API, but all of them have drawbacks.

One would be to create the feature, pass it directly to the FeatureAgent`s of all the projects that will use this feature and save it on each project in the Local Storage (same effect the feature gets to all projects, but you will need a technical user for the connection and you cannot reuse a old feature on a new project that was not setup at the moment the feature was created).

Another way might be to remove the Local Storage and leave only the Global Storage if this is acceptable based on the requirements. When you use the official API there is a check for the Local Storage and if nothing is found the first storage from the list gets used. I have not tested this but it should theoretically work.



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