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FSLancher - Project could not open


I could not launch the project using fslauncher due to the below issue in the project,

FSVersion=5.2.200508.79058#6955;JDK=11.0.6 64bit AdoptOpenJDK;OS=Windows 10 10.0 amd64;Date=29.01.2022 05:36:47
de.espirit.firstspirit.access.ReferenceNotFoundException: template with template id 318 not found
at de.espirit.firstspirit.store.access.contentstore.Content2Impl.getTemplate(Content2Impl.java:129)
at de.espirit.firstspirit.store.access.contentstore.Content2Impl.getSchema(Content2Impl.java:163)
at de.espirit.firstspirit.store.access.contentstore.Content2Impl.getSchema(Content2Impl.java:60)
at de.espirit.firstspirit.client.gui.tabbing.ElementTabConfigPersistence.getElement(ElementTabConfigPersistence.java:173)
at de.espirit.firstspirit.client.ClientFrame$RestoreTabsStartupStep.run(ClientFrame.java:1331)
at de.espirit.firstspirit.client.ClientFrame$StartupExecutor.run(ClientFrame.java:1575)

Could you please help me on this.

Thank you



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Crownpeak employee

Hello Jayakumar,

that issue has nothing to do with the launcher. Root cause of the problem is that a table template used for a content2 node has been deleted - and that you have stored the content2 node within your last pages view.

To solve the problem the content2 node can be the deleted or the table-template can be restored or your user settings can be deleted.

The first two possible solutions has to be done with another user,the latter one by an admin who has access to the file system of the FirstSpirit server.

To identify the corrupt content2 node, just open the project with another user and click on allcontent2 nodes. For one of them you will get an exception. This one has to be deleted (via the extras subfolder of the context menu). Don't worry, only the node is deleted, not the datasets.

To delete your user settings you need your user id.Just open any project where you have access to a beanshell console.Open it and execute "print(context.user.id);". Afterwards an admin has to delete the file "<FirstSpiritROOT>/data/users/system_preferences_<your user id>.xml".
Attention: This will delete all user specific configurations of all projects (saved tabs, configurations for the visibility of the SiteArchitect homepage, bookmarks, ...)

Best regards

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