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FS5 Rules Property EDITABLE is not visible affected for editors in JAVA-Client | not useable for CMS_GROUP components

Hi there,

we want not to hide formfields if an editor is invalid (for ux-reasons).

agood way will be, that we disable formfields, which is also possible:


(bad will be a suddenly dissappaereance by hiding them...)

1) The issue is for now, that not editable forms are not visible for editors, so that they do not know why they cant edit not editable editors.

A label will blow up code and the form itself...

Are there possibilities to get disabled formields be colored (inline, outline, background, etc.)?

2013-06-25 11_30_41-validation_example_project (Benutzer_ Admin)_notEditableButNotVisualAffected.png

2) It would be nice, if we can influence all formfields of a CMS_GROUP (all childs in it), like:

   <PROPERTY source="" name="VISIBLE"/>

Feature Request or possible?

Thanks a lot, best regards,


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I guess the question was solved, so i will mark this thread as answered.

If there are still open questions, ask again. Smiley Happy

Best regards


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