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FS_REFERENCE sitestore

I've created FS_REFERENCE anchor for internal link in which i've allowed sitestore. I've also checked <a> tag in section element i want to reach. Here it how it looks like in inspect element.

<a id="media_with_text" name="media_with_text"></a>

<div> ... </div>

now i want to reach this a tag id, but i'm stuck. I've used .getSection() and it displays both a tad and div, but i don't want that. I need this id="media_with_text" to get to be able to create a link where i want to send user to. Can anyone help me?@

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Crownpeak employee

Hi Goran,

I don't think I fully understand your technical requirements. But if you have a FS_REFERENCE input component which allows to select page references of the sitestore you can just create a link to the selected pageref using the CMS_REF tag:

<a href="$CMS_REF(fs_reference_input_component_name)$"></a>

If that doesn't help please provide more information on what you're trying to achieve.



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