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FS Personalization - character encoding - special characters in password



FirstSpirit Client 4.2_BETA.424.42942

JDK 1.6

OS: Linux

I integrated the FS Personalization module into our application and used already for a long time… so far so good.

Currently I used some special characters “âîßäö” to setup the password… The change password action was successfully done through the app.

When trying to login again with the new “âîßäö” password (throufh the FS Perso.) it didn’t work anymore.

I ensured the that the “password” request parameter is filled with correct value, so right before the FS Personalization Login servlet gets called the password’s value was “âîßäö”. The character encoding on the HttpRequest is set to UTF-8.

Also, the character encoding is set into the JSP pages. All the use cases work fine, but the login.

It looks like inside of the FS Personalization Login servlet the password matching fails (if password doesn't contain special characters then everything works fine).

We also have another system (web service) that exposes the login functionality (not using FS Perso.). With this system the login works fine (the saved values in DB are correctly encoded).

Could you please let me know if there are some special settings I need to apply (like setting the character encoding type to UTF-8) forFS Personalization module.


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Crownpeak employee

Hi Marius,

to get a better understanding of the problem I would ask you to explain how you integrated FS Personalization exactly into your system.

Do you use any of the provided modules like RequestParameterLoginModule or ORMapperAuthenticationModule?

Or do you use a self implemented module to connect to the database?

Which application do you use for changing the password, and is it stored as a hashed value or rather as plain text?

Do you use an external database or an FS database?

As for now I can just tell you that there is no general encoding setting for the FS Personalization module.

Best regards,


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Hi Donato,

Here are my related answers:

The way I integrated the FS Personalization is the following: after installing and configuring the FS Perso. (through the Admin FSclient) I downloaded the war file and extracted the required files(db-schema.xsd, firstpersonalization.tld, firstpersonalization.xml,schemata.xml, web.xml)… of course some of these files I had to edit in order to define other resources (like web.xml)

I use the ORMapperAuthenticationModule.

To change the password I use my module. Password is stored in hashed value.

The database is a FS database.

Attached you can find my firstpersonalisation.xml file.

Please let me know if you need any other information.

Best Regards,


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