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Download fs-api.jar for external use with an IDE

Hello, I'm new to FirstSprit and this community. I need to build an external program (in Eclipse) for communication with the FirstSpirit API. So far, I didn't find any place where I could download the required jar files. Could anybody please share a link? And in case this question is actually solved already - I'm sorry! I couldn't find anything. Appreciate your help very much.

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Crownpeak employee

Hi and welcome to the Crownpeak community!

First of all, please do not use the fs-api.jar in your IDE. Despite its name it is used mostly internally to detect non-API usages. The dependency you need in your IDE is the "fs-isolated-runtime.jar". You can find it in the installation directory of FirstSpirit in "data/fslib".

If you have access to the Cloud Artifactory, it is also possible to use the dependency management of Gradle or Maven.

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