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Does HLP-BP support SAP Netweaver Light Framework Page (LFP)?

Dear HLP FirstSpirit community,

currently, we wonder whether the HLP-BP does support:

- the Simple Framework Page (SFP) (part of the Enterprise Portal Client Framework = EPCF) components

- in SAP NW 7.02 (EHP2), SP6

If not, is there a plan to support SFP in one of the later HLP-BP releases?

Important note: the SFP is integrated per default into the SAP Netweaver portal framework. It is not shipped via an addon respectively via an business package. Enclosed, you can see a screenshot of the path to the Simple Framework Page within the Portal Administrator View:


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I'm new here


the HLP BP for FirstSpirit does support the standard Light Framework Page and its containing iViews.


The LFP does use the standard SAP Portal API for Navigation and Layout. The HLP BP for FirstSpirit is also based on this APIs and has been proven to work with Layout Tuning Scenarios and LFP which are based on these standards.

As long as you are using the SAP Portal Standard API (as LFP does) the HLP BP for FirstSpirit will work as expected.

Best regards,

Stefan Brauneis

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