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Displaying formatted HTML in DisplayElementOperation modal dialogue

Guten Tag,

Is it possible to display formatted HTML inside a DisplayElementOperation modal dialogue? I need to present a list in a nice format to my editors.

So far I can only display a plain text message using this code:

RequestOperation requestOperation = _baseContext.requireSpecialist(OperationAgent.TYPE).getOperation(RequestOperation.TYPE);



I tried just adding some basic HTML to my message string but it didn't work.

Many thanks,

Liam Davison

(I'm hoping to take additional German lessons at college soon!).

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Crownpeak employee

Hi Liam,

no, that operation is intended to just display a text and optionally offer some buttons to make a choice.

I think in your case the Dialog would be a better solution. This is a CC javascript API.

You can find an example here.


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