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Disable add/editing of page/section template completely by rules ONLOCK?

Dear Team,

#1) is it possible to disable editing mode of page(green ones) completely by using ONLOCK for a specific page template only by using rules?

<RULE when="ONLOCK">





           <PROPERTY name="EDITABLE" source="#form.tab_page"/>

            <PROPERTY name="EDITABLE" source="#form.nl_universal_box_small"/>

            <PROPERTY name="EDITABLE" source="pt_headline"/>

            <PROPERTY name="EDITABLE" source="pt_date"/>

            <PROPERTY name="EDITABLE" source="pt_edition"/>



Also we cant conjunct with when="ON_LOCK" with <validation> messages.

#2) Here  tab name as 'tab_page' and section-template UID as 'nl_universal_box_small'  is not working for non EDITABLE mode?

#3) How to make the section template or  a page as non editable using RULES?

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