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Deploy content without "Releasing" it (without a "Freigabe")


We want to deploy some test pages to a test server in order to test them. But we do not want to "release" (freigeben) the pages because the content first needs to be tested - if it was released beforehand then the content would be deployed also to the live server. Once it has first been tested then we would want to release the page for normal deployment to the live server.

So the question is: can we deploy content without releasing it?

Reason: the pages and content we want to test depend on an array of java apps and remote databases that we cannot easily integrate into the FirstSpirit Preview (vorschau).


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Crownpeak employee


yes, it is possible, but the functionality needed is not officially supported. Just open an appropriate helpdesk-ticket for more information and the solution.

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  Holger Höbbel