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Delta Generation - Deleted Files - Clear generation directory beforehand?

Guten Tag,

I am having a problem with deleted content and delta generation. A PageFolder and PageRefFolder have been deleted. When we do a Full generate and publish, everything works OK - the pages no longer appear on the website.

But when we do a delta publish the pages reappear, and overwrite some newer content.

In the Delta Generation schedule, I have ticked "Generate only if necessary" but have not ticked "Clear generation directory beforehand" - our content is published to JBoss Portal Platform and it needs all the files for the website to do a publish, even when doing a delta publish.

My question is - when the Delta Generation schedule sees that some pages have been deleted, should it delete those files from the generation directory even when "clear directory" is not ticked?

I have been reading the guide in DeltaGeneration - Get the generated or deleted Files but I doesn't seem to cover our scenario.

Mit vielem Dank,

Liam Davison

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Hi Liam,

a delta generation never deletes any files from the generation directory. Therefore it is always advisable to check the "Clear generation directory beforehand" option when using a delta generation.

Probably a delta generation isn't what you really need?

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Hello Liam, 

do you need further help or did Tim's reply already help you? If so, it would be great if you marked his  reply as "correct answer" so that other community users find the solution easily. If you have already found a solution by yourself, it would be very kind of you, if you posted it here. 

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Thank you Tim,

That is unfortunate. It can take over two hours to perform a full publish to JBoss Portal, so we rely on delta generation to make small changes with shorter publishing times. But if delta generation does not delete anything from the generation directory, then we cannot use delta generation when pages are deleted.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one mistaken attempt to delta-publish after a page has deleted for the delta generation folder to become "corrupted" with files that should no longer be there.

I will look again at our delta generation scripts to make sure that delta generation is aborted when elements have been deleted.



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